The Best Song in the World

San Bernadino-The Mountain Goats
December 19, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Oh, goodness. This song is so beautiful. The Mountain Goats is John Darnell, a true indie artist if there ever is one. His original work was recorded on casettes in his home, and people still buy and love it (and not just to be cool). He is not even that cool as a person! No shag, no tight pants–in fact, he’s sort of old! But this guy knows about music.

San Bernardino employs the skill of rock violin (also deftly emulated here), and tells a lovely story about some folks giving birth to a baby in a motel. The eternal question of this song, of course, is why do they get in their car to drive to a motel to deliver the baby, but it’s worth it even if their sole purpose was for John Darnell to write them a song. It also talks about San Bernardino which always deserves a little love, the desolate, patchy desert land that it is. John grew up in So. Cal, and he’s done some good work tossing some love to the deserted, craggly areas of the coast that Hollywood tries so hard to erase.

So, good music, good story, and some good healing powers my way. Earlier this year I had surgery and I was scared, and tired, and full of this insane grape-flavored juice that was supposed to clear me out in a very uncomfortable way. My mouth only tasted of grape and bubbles and it was four in the f-ing morning. This song was on from the waiting room to the surgery and through it and really, truly allowed me not to freak out. A good song comforts you, uplifts you, entertains you, and warms you–but only the best song in the world keeps your heart steady in the face of fear.

San Bernardino, everybody.   Not just a crappy town no more.

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