The Best Song in the World

Meg White–Ray LaMontagne
December 16, 2008, 2:00 am
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Everyone seems to want to do the wink-nudge with Mr. LaMontagne these days, so I guess I’ll stumble along with the rest of the lemmings . . . but I still think my love is independent, unique, and important!
Anyway, can we get an f-ing round of applause for his love song to Meg White? This song is most possibly the best song in the world. First of all, who doesn’t love Meg White? Any reason I could list now for why she should have unconditional worship would just be some chinsy clone compared to Ray’s impeccable articulation of how badass she is. I love it when artists love other artists. It’s so generous! We’re portrayed as all scrambling for whatever fan base we can get, snatching autograph seekers like little coins in Super Mario, but that isn’t real you guys. There’s so much love to go around! And so much for Meg White!
Also, I’m a total sucker for imitation as a form of appreciation (like writing a sonnet to Shakespeare or a frickin awesome jingle to Oscar Meyer).  Ray pulls off this perfect tip-of-the-drumstick to the White Stripes with his solid bass line and guitar. Man, Ray, that was clever! I ALSO LIKE THE MARACCAS DUDE. What a delight!
Playing those drums is hard to do, it’s true, and no one plays them quite like you do…Meg White…you’re alright. In fact, I think you’re pretty swell. Can’t you tell?
Hells yeah I can! I absolutely can. A+

Have a listen!

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