The Best Song in the World

Pink Moon-Nick Drake
January 16, 2009, 3:08 pm
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I just want to put it out there that I loved this song before Volkswagen made that Cabrio commercial. Ahem..

Nick Drake.  I have fallen slightly out of love with him, but he used to be my rock. Any time, anyday, and especially when I hated every song in my music library with a deep passion but desparately needed to listen to something, Nick Drake would be there, ready to embrace me with his buttered voice and  sweet acoustic guitar strums. Maybe I’ve grown up, maybe I was a little disillusioned when his family sold him out, I’m not sure. But, Pink Moon will always be the best song in the world, regardless of its creator.

Another dear friend of mine introduced me to Nick Drake in her living room in family-student housing in Riverside, CA. It was hot, we were sitting on the living room carpet, and a song from Five Leaves Left began playing from her stereo. What can I say? I was in love. I started searching for his music, and soon found Pink Moon the album, beginning with this stunning song.

But that’s not at all. My good buddy from high school, Trevor Hall, who is an incredible, heartfelt, powerful musician, had a special encore for his senior recital. After whipping through some seriously complex classical guitar, playing a beautiful rendition from his soon to be major-record-label album, he closed with a rendition of Pink Moon that still resonates in my ears this day.

And hey, that VW commercial couldn’t even ruin it. It’s actually a pretty great commercial. But probably cuz Pink Moon is just that good.

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