The Best Song in the World

Neighborhood 4 (7 Kettles)- The Arcade Fire
January 4, 2009, 11:34 am
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This song has some deep power in it. When my nephew first got sick, I went to visit him in Southern California. In the Inland Empire, there are long stretches of road between everything. There’s no short jaunts–it’s wide, long stripes of pavement surrounded by desert and strip malls. I’ve already mentioned John Darnelle’s of The Mountain Goats wonderful articulation of the southern part of my homeland, but this song will always mean hot and dry Riverside, CA. This song was my salve on those long drives back and forth from the hospital. We went to visit my nephew, then came home to sit on the couch and play xbox or watch movies. Then we drove back. Then I came home to make smoothies, then drove back. Then I went to get coffee, and drove back. I listened to this song every time I got in the car. I knew that I would be indelibly marking this song with my nephew’s illness, but I didn’t care. Now, when I listen to it, it’s a chance for me to remember him, and think of that time. Things were different, but they were still so hard. At the beginning of that time, everything felt like those highways…long, endless, stretches into the horizon, with bare desert cupping me on either side.

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