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Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues-Kelly Joe Phelps
December 30, 2008, 6:25 pm
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Man, can this guy play guitar! I was introduced to Kelly Joe Phelps by my best friend (who will be on this site soon) in his dimly lit Seattle apartment, which I always am drawn back to when I hear his songs. Something about the overstuffed arm chair, coffee, ashtrays, and dirty boots seems a very fitting setting to accompany Kelly’s song and style. I first heard this song and it stuck with me for months. I remember I came back to Seattle quite almost half a year later and spent a good part of my afternoon trying to describe this song until my buddy put Lead Me On in his CD player. Finally, I was returned to peace and joy with the tunes of Kelly Joe Phelps.

KJP has a friggin’ sweet voice, with a mixture of sweet and gravely, and his guitar matches that talent. I love this song because it encompasses everything there is to love about Kelly and his music: a yearning, honest, cracking voice, incredible lyrics, and devilish guitar to tie it together. I love this song so much because of the weight and soul he brings to his lyrics. Granted, it’s a cover which is possibly cheating for my standards, but I’m not sure yet. Regardless, Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues’ ache, tone, and guitar composition renders it the best song in the world for many times to come.

I could only find a live extended version–but maybe you’ll like it more.

Have a Listen!

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