The Best Song in the World

Finch on Saturday-Horse Feathers
December 16, 2008, 10:00 am
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I had a hard time deciding which song to pick for this post! I have been mightily enjoying Horse Feathers, so much so that there were three songs I was considering for this post. However, I haven’t been enjoying them in one of those collapsing-on-the-sidewalk-in-a puddle-of-rapture-resembling-an-orgasm, so I was also considering not posting about them at all. Goodness, you say, are you sure you can claim one of their songs is the best song in the world?

Look, you guys, I’m not messing around here. I have a serious reputation to uphold, and extremely strident standards. I’m not just going to grab any old song and by like, yeah, whatever, this is probably good enough for that thing I put on the internet. No, my friends. I assure you, never.

ANYWAY, about Finch on Saturday. Violins are pretty much awesome, but rare, in good alternative rock music. Horse Feathers seems to be bluegrass style, the sort of music that occassionally includes jug as both a wine carrier and percusive instrument. Their violin is probably called fiddle in the liner notes. It’s great. For me though, the sealed deal is the line “Give your tongue to God/Sunday sing . . .” I’ve read the lyrics for a few of their songs and am curious if they are Christian leaning (Google told me nothing, except that Horsefeathers is a common gospel book), but I concluded that they are more story-based. That is, the songs tell a fiction from a character’s voice rather than the artists’ opinion. The point is, Horse Feather wrote  a suspicously good line about God and I think I trust them. Gave me a shiver.

Plus, write a song like that that includes the saw as an instrument? Possibly the best song in the world.

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