The Best Song in the World

Ella’s Song-Sweet Honey in the Rock
December 29, 2008, 3:13 pm
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Whew. Sweet Honey in the Rock. I don’t even know if I’m cool enough to talk about these incredible women, they blow my socks off so hard. An a capella group since the late seventies, SHR has been doing political, heart moving music to stir up the movement for more than my short life. I was blessed enough to glimpse them in person, which was my first introduction to their art. Not only do they sing and play their music with more love than any artist I have witnessed, but they also sign in in ASL. I was as mesmerized by their voices and movement as the signer who managed to articulate the music that almost did justice to what I was able to hear.

I am not connected with SHR enough to try to describe who they are, their story, or what inspires them; I would be afraid of doing their power a disservice by not illuminating it clearly. But I can say that their spirit is infused in their songs incredibly deep. I love Ella’s Song because of this—they aren’t parroting some “love everyone” lyrics that folks tune out as soon as they catch on. These words are radical, powerful, and true. Powerful, connected elders demanding youth to lead them and asking how to best be humble is inspiring stuff. Their voices ride beside and over each other like a unfolding waterfall. The first time I heard this song, tears came to my eyes in the way that happens when truth is trumpeted clearly, honestly, and openly into the air. This really is it, folks. For the love, message, and sound, Ella’s Song is the best song in the world.

The lyrics are worth reading over and over again. Song and lyrics under the cut. Continue reading