The Best Song in the World

Orange Sky- Alexi Murdoch
December 31, 2008, 9:49 am
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Ah, this song is so sweet. I don’t even remember how I first heard it, but I do remember feeling so moved listening to it. Something about the way he sings, “Brother, you know you know/ It’s a long road we’ve been walking on/Brother you know it is you know it is/Such a long road we’ve been walking on . . .” that has a ring to the journey that most of us find familiar. Since I apparently think all my favorite songs are secretly about God, I gotta say Alexi hits it home with his chorus, “my salvation is in your love . . .”. Again, who knows if this is secret Christian infiltration, but my salvation is in love, so I guess it’s cool.

As a side note,  this song has apparently been used on the T.V. show “The O.C.” which I’ve heard is a little trashy, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t really judge. The point is that song is super cool, no matter what context. Maybe it’s because it’s 9 in the morning and I spent most of this morning waiting for an invisible bus in the freezing, freezing cold, but I guess this will be a bit of a brief post. I don’t want to short you, Alexi, but I don’t think I even could. After all, this is the best song in the world.

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