The Best Song in the World

The Rake’s Song- The Decemberists
May 8, 2009, 3:30 pm
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At this point, loving The Decemberists does not brand you a cool indie hip kid anymore. Jay Leno loves The Decemberists. So do all the kids next door. We’re not talking Britney Spears popular, but just the right balance between well-known and obscure that let’s you say…”I liked them before they got big.”
Well, it’s true. I did.
But the point is that they are responsible for this week’s love affair between me and my headphones. The Rake’s song is an upbeat, striking tune about a child murderer with the flair and precision that defines a Decemberists classic. The Decemberists are fantastic story-tellers and even better musicians- The Rake’s song combines both. I love the lyrics – when I listened to this album, this is the first song I repeated – but more so, I love the music. It’s catchy, well drafted, and humorous. The Hazards of Love is my new favorite album right now, but it’s The Rake’s Song that skips an extra beat in my heart and has me furiously spinning my iPod wheel up…clearly the best song in the world.

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