The Best Song in the World

Here’s the Thing- Girl Talk
April 21, 2009, 9:30 am
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So Girl Talk is pretty much the most awesomest. Disclaimer of the blatant, blatantly misogynistic lyrics that plague most of the sample-mixed album, this shit is amazing.

If you’re not familair with Feed the Animals, you should be. I wasn’t, and then my fantastically brilliant partner told me all about it. Girl Talk is this dude, just this regular ol’ white dude who mixes music as a DJ and does some boring computer shit during the day. He spent about two years working on this album, which is made of over 700 samples.

I love “Here’s the Thing” because of the sweet Pop 40 subervision with Kelly Clarkson’s chorus. There’s something about mashups that are so wonderfully devilish. I remember when DJ Dangermouse’s Grey Album came out and the combination of the Beatles and Jay Z was wonderfully tricky and delightfully different to my ears. That’s what Girl Talk’s entire album is like, with a beautiful stream of mixes that bring the perfect balance of too much pop to too much hip hop and colacese to a series including the best song in the world.

The whole album is free (or for donation only). Check out the hype here.

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