The Best Song in the World

The Ark-Dr. Dog (Finally!)
February 28, 2009, 12:29 pm
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Sorry for the delay, folks. Week from hell…

I really dig Dr. Dog. Been on my replay for about two weeks now. Had some trouble picking which song was truly The Best Song in the World, but definitely feel confident about this one.

Dr. Dog has this sort of rock/emo thing going on that I really like. Definitely a little eerie, and definitely heartful. The Ark has this great narrative, which is present in many of his songs, but is highlighted really well here. There’s this progression, matched with the sweet keyboard and guitar solos that coincides with great lyrics. Plus, a little Beatles-esque for good measure.

I seem to like songs that have some illusion to God in them. The Ark is this sor tof modern discussion from Noah to the man above. Something about this modernization of the pain and struggle and asking for faith is really powerful.

God, he called for rain. So a built an ark but no rain came. I was ashamed. Man, he called for war. So I build a gun and join the corps. But I wasn’t sure.

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