The Best Song in the World

Caskets-Damien Jurado
January 30, 2009, 12:03 am
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Okay, so I admit I have not been regular on the updating. I’ve made a pact though, so bear with me. One best song a week. I might do more, but I won’t do less. I don’t want to let my friendly readers down, but I also have a full time job, a wonderful partner (look for a future guest post!), two pet rats to take care of, and a serious addiction to strategy board games. So…once a week for now. Not that I have a staggering following, but hey, I want to do my best to those readers I do have.

Thanks folks! Don’t worry… I’m moving on!

Caskets. What a friggin’ delight. Damien Jurado was one of those artists that I listened to at first and waited for the hooks to cinch. This experience is so odd: I listen to an album once or twice. I am mostly half-heartedly listening. I don’t catch the lyrics, but I get the general gist. I usually never fall in love. (Ragoo was a delightful exception). Then, one day, on about the third listen to a song, it hits me. A surge, like a really cold blue raspberry slushie on a hot day–purple lips and all–that takes over my ears and my heart. The song is perfect. The lyrics coo into my ear. The bass line beats to my pulse, the tones sing at the same pitch as the ringing in my ears. The world melts.
Welcome to Caskets. The opening bass line is that melting, is that connection of music to joy that I search for and find in these songs I categorize. It’s hot. A beautiful combination of melacholy, curious, and frackin fantastic.
I usually don’t shill, but buy this album. Buy it because I was seriously considering putting the next track on this blog, and that’s saying something. One song that is really, truly the best song in the world and then a close competitor following it…well, that might mean a new category: best artist in the world.

But that’s another blog.

Enjoy folks. This is pretty damn sweet.

EDIT: WHAT? This guy is really phenomenal. I was looking for a good image and I found this awesome music video for Caskets. Again! not shilling, but really digging this rad piece of film. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Instead of putting the audio link, I’m posting this vid. If you don’t like vids, just click to another tab and crank up the volume.

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Please make sure that you check out the song that Damien performed for The Bigtop soundtrack, entitled “Ashes” and streamable here. Admittedly, I’m fond of it because I wrote it…

Comment by Devon Reed

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