The Best Song in the World

January 23, 2009, 11:55 am
Filed under: The Best Song in the World

I enjoy orchestral, grandiose displays of fantastic music. It just makes things seem fun and lyrical, like we’re all in a too-bright circus, and things are meant to be bizarre and monstrous. I’ve determined that Beirut also feels this way. At least, that’s what the music says.

Zach Condon is the master of Beirut, and a twenty-two is rocking the music world more than most elder musicians I know. I could go on and on about how badass he is, but everyone else does that, so I’ll move onto my point: the best song in the world.

Nantes epitomizes all that is good and holy about Beirut. The creative instrumentals, the excellent songs, the…fascinating? lyrics. I love this song because I feel like I’ve entered a small town in Europe (maybe in Beirut, actually) and also gone into a doll making workshop where the factory people sing together. It’s awesome.

I love music that makes me joyful. Nantes, and Beirut in general, makes me joyful. Some instruments that I’ve never heard OF can’t pronounce doing awesome stuff makes me joyful. The best song in the world makes me joyful. Enjoy!

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that’s funny I’ve always thought of Beruit and that song in particular like you’re about to leave on a long sea voyage in your huge old wooden ship and you want to get one last sad waltz in before you sail off and luckily your whole crew also plays dramatic mournful instruments….but I guess I can see where a circus might come in too maybe.

Comment by Becky

That’s interesting. This song is actually about his lover who died. I’m not sure when he died, but he wrote this song about him. Its a gorgeous song, and I love it. It always has a tinge of meloncholy to me though. He’s definitely heartbroken to make such an amazingly beautiful song.

Comment by Brandon

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