The Best Song in the World

Peacemaker Training Institute Song—PTI 2008
December 12, 2008, 9:14 am
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Please note that because I had to upload this from my computer, it takes a while to load. If you press play now, it hopefully will be ready to go by the time you’re done reading. Sorry!

I help lead these weeklong trainings for youth on nonviolence, anti-oppression and other good stuff called the Peacemaker Training Institute. (So does my good buddy at Big Heart Videos—there are some mind-blowing folks who go through PTI). There’s a semi-arts focus, and at the last PTI, two of the staff members wrote this song and performed it with musicians at the end.

It had been a really hard week. The group had gone up and down, clashed, loved, snuggled, separated, cried . . . and here we were, at the end of the week, at our culmination art piece envisioning the world we wanted to live in. The unscripted instrumental introduction was so perfect—it was if you could see that silent thread sewn between all ten or so artists, lifting and beating them like a giant heart. The rest of us were mesmerized, quite literally. There was not a single shift or blink. The song unfolded, and it was so exactly what we all needed to hear, and what we, I think, in general, all need to hear. Stunning. At the end we all cheered and clapped and cried so hard. There was no audience and performers at the end, it was just all of us, cheering for ourselves and each other. It was absolutely, hands-down the best song in the world.

The magic of that couldn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be captured, but later, we all crammed into a small hallway and sang to a laptop to record it. Have a listen.

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Because the lyrics are so f-ing great (but also hard to hear), I’ve reprinted them here.
Written by Brie P. and Jaime H..

I know our hearts
seem so afraid
most of the time
we don’t a better way

no hope in our eyes
words seem such waste
time after time
we have to start again

stand up and stand together!
you know that we won’t fall
we’ll build this dream together
we’ll tear down all these walls

don’t just close your eyes
and look the other way
sometimes to move
you have to feel the pain

as hot as the day gets
feel the cool rain start to fall
let night bring you shelter
I know you will be strong

you can imagine
the beauty you create
so stand here with me

we’ll fight till we’re free
when crossing an ocean
you can’t always see the shore
your heart is your compass
let your light keep you warm

stand up and stand together!
you know that we won’t fall
we’ll build this dream together
we’ll tear down all these walls


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